Giving & Community Engagement


Barnsdales is committed to the community and the shared value we bring to others through focused projects and collaborative networks of giving. Each year the employees of the company select a charity they would like to support through events, giving and collaborative and shared working.  This commitment by our employees leverages their passion and their talents to create a real benefit for those in need.

In the past we have raised money through, bake sales, sponsored walks, Movember, charity gift boxes, regular monthly charitable donations and many many more.

Barnsdales employees have agreed to continue to support Centrepoint as our chosen company wide charity, although donatitions to other worth while causes and charities are sometimes made.

Community Engagement

We recognise and understand the significance of the local community within which we operate. We aim to enhance our contribution to the community by being sensitive to the needs of local people and groups, and by promoting ethical and socially responsible trading.

As a business, we are doing our bit to support local communities by:

Making monetary donations to local charities, youth groups and community centres

Supporting local charities by donating time (i.e., staff participation in volunteering days)

Supporting the surrounding community by employing local people and giving opportunities to young people from our local communities via apprenticeships and work experience.