Barnsdales and One Call in property partnership

Published: 9th May 2016

Barnsdales Living, the residential division of Barnsdales, has sealed a new partnership as it works to add to its services.
Barnsdales Living has joined forces with another Doncaster-based business, One Call Mortgage Hub, to collaborate in offering property and mortgage solutions.

The move also sees One Call displaying their branding and offering information about their products at the office in Hallgate, Doncaster, which Barnsdales Living opened earlier this year.
Barnsdales Living will promote the new partnership with a display in Doncaster’s Frenchgate Shopping Centre on Thursday May 19. Members of the Barnsdales Living team will be outside the main entrance to Debenhams from 9am until 5pm and will be offering a discount on the cost of house sales.
Peter Rothery, New Business Manager at Barnsdales Living, said the partnership with One Call is part of a series of new initiatives which the company decided to explore, starting with the move to Hallgate.

He said: “Barnsdales is a big name for property in Doncaster. We’ve certainly got the history and in recent years we have worked hard to demonstrate that we are also a modern business which is in touch with the needs of people today.
“We opened a town centre office to complement our strong online presence and now we are embarking on a partnership with One Call Mortgage Hub because we see it as a way of adding value to our clients. They are very well known and respected and by offering mortgages with One Call we’re developing a one-stop shop.

“The presence in Frenchgate is part of a programme of events to promote our activity in the residential sales and lettings sector. On the day we’ll be offering a discount on the cost of selling a house to 0.75 per cent plus VAT.”

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