Blockman Implemented

Published: 16th October 2023

The block management department in Barnsdales has implement specialist and ARMA software partner Blockman to improve the efficiency of the management of our ever increasing block management portfolio.

Rebecca O'Neil, Director at Barnsdales and Head of Block Management commented "as our business has been growing the need to become more sophisticated with the way we manage our block management portfolio became self evident. We have increasingly been working wider afield and the need to become more efficient was essential not only to facilitate future growth but also to improve our reporting, accounting and compliance".  Rebecca went on to say "we undertook a rigorous interview and selection process with several specialist block management software companies, but Blockman stood out for us as the best fit for our business.  We will continue to use ReLeased for our commercial and resdential property management departments, but it was clear to me and my team that the block management department needed specialist software to cope with the complexities of the day to challenges block management throws up".


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