Preparing your rental property for surviving autumn and winter

Published: 24th October 2023

Getting your rental property for the colder months of the year is a great way to keep the tenant-landlord relationship a harmonious one. There are numerous steps you can take if you’re ready to prepare your rental property for the autumn and winter months. Let’s take a look at some of these right now.

Check your heating systems

Enlist a professional to come out and inspect and service your heating system. Make sure boilers and radiators are working efficiently. This can help you avoid having to carry out repairs further down the line. Bleed the radiators to remove any trapped air so heat can be distributed effectively.

Inspect your insulation

Check the insulation in your attic and walls. When insulation is working effectively, heat can be retained and energy bills can be kept under control. Make sure any gaps or cracks in windows and doors are sealed to prevent drafts.

Maintain your chimney

If your property has a fireplace, it’s wise to hire a chimney sweep to remove any debris. Guide your tenants to show them how to use the fireplace or other heating solutions safely and efficiently.

Gutter clearance

Clear your gutters and drains of leaves and debris to prevent water blockages. Clogged gutters can cause water damage and harm the structure of your property.

Inspect your roof

Make sure your roof has no missing or damaged tiles. By repairing them now, you can prevent leaks from occurring during heavy rain or snow in the future.

Maintain your boiler and water pipes

Insulate any exposed water pipes, particularly those in unheated parts of your property like your attic or garage.  This should prevent them from freezing. Advise your tenants about the importance of maintaining consistent temperatures inside your property to prevent frozen pipes.

Use energy-efficient lighting

If you still have traditional light bulbs inside your property, replace these with energy-efficient ones that will help you save on electricity and emit less heat.

Make sure the property is ventilated properly

When properties are ventilated properly, this makes it easier to prevent mould and condensation. Advise your tenants to use extractor fans and open windows every so often.

Remind tenants of their responsibilities

You’ll also need to remind tenants of their responsibilities during the colder months of the year. These can include reporting maintenance issues to you as soon as they spot them and following your heating usage guidelines.

Check in with your tenants regularly

Make sure you check in with your tenants regularly to ensure they are comfortable and have let you know about any problems that they have identified whilst living in the property during the autumn and winter months.

These steps will help you to keep your rental property in good condition and maintain a positive relationship with your tenants.

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